We help our clients to research and devise technology strategies to address their business needs. When devising strategies, we focus on the desired business outcomes to make sure our recommendations deliver tangible benefit to the client.

While every strategy assignment is unique, we follow a tried and tested process that delivers the required outcome in a timely manner. To summarise, the key steps we take when devising a strategy are as follows:

  • We meet with key stakeholders to ascertain the business requirements and current issues.
  • We audit the existing infrastructure to understand what’s in place and how it’s configured.
  • We identify the gaps that need to be bridged to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • We analyse the options for bridging the gaps from both a financial and non-financial perspective.
  • We determine the optimum way forward for each gap and prepare a comprehensive document to confirm the outcome of our analysis and recommendations for moving forward.
  • We identify the resources required to successfully implement the recommendations.
  • In addition to strategic recommendations, we also put forward a budgetary forecast and a suggested project plan.

4C Strategies can work with your organisation to produce a range of ICT strategies, including:

  • Digital Strategy
  • IT and Technology Strategy
  • Technology Specific Strategy
  • Procurement Strategy

Every project that 4C undertakes is strategically unique. Because every business, and its needs, are different, it is very important to us that we understand your specific requirements, in order to ascertain which solutions would best meet them. We do this by holding meetings with a variety of key members within your institution, in which we ask the various departments what it is that they will be requiring from the new system and how we can offer the best help possible to their individual needs. A good understanding of the desired outcomes allows us to tailor our strategic recommendations in a way that makes it absolutely certain that these outcomes will be reached in both a time and cost-efficient manner.

In addition to this, we also make it our mission to develop a solid understanding of your existing infrastructure and how it is configured, which allows us to identify any gaps or shortcomings within it and how they can be resolved going forward, from both a financial and non-financial standpoint. We are then able to ascertain the optimum solution for each element of this, which is combined into a comprehensive document detailing the outcomes of our analysis and our recommendations for your strategy going forward.

We are then able to determine and recommend to you the resources that would be required to successfully and effectively implement our recommended solutions. As well as our strategic recommendations, we are able to provide you with a budgetary forecast and a suggested plan for your project, in order to succinctly map out the next steps in a way that both makes sense to you and easy to follow. All of this, of course, with the help of 4C extensive industry knowledge and expertise being put into practice along the way.