We help our clients to procure ICT products and services using framework, OJEU or local tender processes. Working in partnership with our clients’ procurement resources, we typically prepare:

  • Contract notices and advertisements
  • Selection Questionnaires
  • Requests for Quotations / Pricing (RFQ/RFP)
  • Requirements Definition and Technical specifications
  • Invitations to Tender (ITT)
  • Quality questionnaires
  • Evaluation reports
  • Debrief reports

We also provide informal advice and guidance on:

  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Selection criteria
  • Award criteria
  • Weightings
  • Price evaluation and scoring

With reference to OJEU procurements, we have demonstrable experience of Open, Restricted and Competitive Dialogue processes.

In addition to acting as a Subject Matter Expert in a procurement team, we can also take on the responsibility for managing a procurement and all supplier engagement.

Our procurement services refer to our expert assistance in the selection of the right suppliers for a client to use in order to meet their individual needs. This provides total certainty that the client will receive exactly what they require from their unified communications systems, both efficiently and affordably, from the necessary sources. Different suppliers display different offerings, and so 4C is here to help with the navigation of these offerings, in order to find the supplier best suited for the specific needs of your institution. We are then able to liaise with these suppliers on your behalf to ensure that you receive both the most possible out of their ICT products and services and also the best possible deal.

We offer support to institutions in the procurement of their ICT products and services with the help of our extensive product and supplier knowledge and experience. We help our clients’ procurement using framework, OJEU or local tender processes and are able to work to complement our clients’ existing procurement resources in order to provide the best method of procurement going forward.

We prepare a variety of resources in order to ascertain the best procurement options for each individual client. This will usually include contract notices and advertisements; a selection questionnaire to ascertain the most suitable suppliers; and requests for quotations and pricing, in order to find a cost-efficient procurement solution. We also prepare a requirements definition and technical specifications to find the most suitable solution for the client’s needs, along with invitations to tender (ITT), quality questionnaires, evaluation reports and debrief reports.

Our extensive supplier knowledge, expertise and experience also allow us to provide informal guidance on contract terms and conditions, selection criteria, award criteria, weightings and price evaluation and scoring. All of this results in a smoother, more well-suited and cost-efficient procurement solution for the client.

In addition to this, 4C also exhibits substantial experience of Open, Restricted and Competitive Dialogue processes in OJEU procurements.

As well as playing the role of a Subject Matter Expert in the procurement team, 4C is also willing and able to take on the responsibility of managing the procurement and all supplier engagement on the client’s behalf, in the instance that this is deemed to be favourable or necessary for the specific institution.