What’s New in Microsoft’s First Telecoms Teams Update of 2021?

Telecoms Consultant

Microsoft recently released the first telecoms update to Teams so far this year, with new features designed to help organisations get more from their Teams-certified phones. The update in question is designed to improve the in-meeting experience, with further advanced improvements to help organisations utilise their telecommunications to stay better connected. To help users break down the update, the telecoms consultants at 4C Strategies have compiled a list of the key features.


Remote Provisioning and Sign-In Options


This new telecoms feature was inspired by requests from existing Teams users. According to Microsoft, users had been requesting that IT admins be able to deploy devices remotely. Within the new update, the user need only follow four steps in order to set up a phone from the organisation’s Teams admin centre.


Devices will also display a code when initially powered on. Users or admins can then enter this code into a browser on a smartphone or computer to access the phone. In lieu of access to the code, users can log in online by entering their username and password.


Microsoft Phones will also now support specialised sign-in options for specific clouds, such as the government cloud. Users can browse settings within their sign-in page to see which options are available to them.


Meetings Functionality


In meetings, the update will provide the ability to keep the options bar – located at the bottom of the window and containing options to turn video on or off, mute the microphone, etc. – visible at all times. Previously, one would have to tap in order to access the menu. This should ensure simpler functionality and help maintain a natural flow to modern organisational collaboration and communication. Reactions are also easier to access within the update.


Further Updates to Microsoft Telecoms


Further updates to Teams Phones include the ability to transfer a call to voicemail if the user needs to convey a message quickly. Users can select the work voicemail option when transferring the call in order to get to the mailbox.


LLDP updates have also been implemented. This is a standard link layer protocol used by devices to advertise capabilities, identity and neighbour information on a local network. This update allows Teams devices connected to the network through ethernet to dynamically update location details for emergency calls.


Microsoft has also introduced the arrival of “opt-out” options for call queues, as well as click-to-dial phone number functionality in meetings.


Seeking Advice from an Expert Telecoms Consultant


If you are wondering how Microsoft Teams telecoms might benefit your organisation, or perhaps you are an existing user and wish to ascertain how your organisation can ensure it utilises the new update to its utmost potential, you may wish to receive expert advice from a telecoms consultant.


The team of expert telecoms consultants at 4C Strategies have decades of experience and are uniquely positioned to assist. For a free consultation with one of our expert telecoms consultants, call 4C Strategies today on 01858 438938, or email webenquiries@4c.co.uk.