Technology in Local Government: Is Your Wide Area Network Working Hard Enough?

Wide Area Network Local Government

Is your current WAN arrangement cost effective? Is your incumbent network approaching end of contract and you want to ensure a better deal next time round? Your current service may be successfully meeting the corporate requirements of the involved council(s), but does it do much beyond this, especially with reference to its service of the wider community?

The provision of IT services within local government is particularly challenging at present. Not only are local authorities under constant pressure to deliver new services, and to keep their current IT infrastructure running as they bring these services online, but they are also expected to provide an increasing range of digital services to local citizens, all the while supporting new ways and means of working for government staff.


Wide Area Networks: Is There a Better Deal Out There?


When it comes to renegotiating your WAN contract, it is possible to secure a Wide Area Network that will provide both the involved council(s) and the wider community with the utmost speed and coverage at the optimum price, ensuring far better value for money in the long term. This reduced cost could, in turn, result in savings that could be utilised by local authorities in the wider investment into their IT infrastructure, including collaborative working, artificial intelligence and so on, thus relieving some of the pressure posed by the aforementioned IT struggles that many local authorities are faced with at present.


Benefit to Public Sector Organisations


An effective Wide Area Network will provide public sector organisations, including schools, fire departments and so on, with the high-speed connection required in order to operate cost-effectively and at maximum efficiency, whilst providing public sector employees with improved means of working.


How Can a Wide Area Network Benefit the Wider Community?


In addition to fulfilling the involved councils’ corporate requirements, a new and enhanced WAN solution will also deliver benefit to the local community. Whereas any incumbent service may only provide coverage to council and public sector buildings, a new service could provide improved internet access to the wider community, including private companies and residencies. This will provide the local community, public and private sector alike, with better connectivity at a better price, and should bring forward the regional development of high-speed internet and, in turn, even 5G coverage in areas that this technology is yet to reach due to limited investment from big suppliers.


How Can 4C Strategies Help?


4C Strategies is uniquely positioned to assist in the search for a new and improved WAN service, including ascertainment of requirements, options analysis and the creation of a business case. From this, our WAN experts are able to accurately recommend to the client the best way in which to move forward, including ongoing project management as the programme rolls out.


For further information on how the experts at 4C Strategies can help you to procure a Wide Area Network that provides the utmost speed and coverage at the optimum price, contact us today on 01858 438938, or email


What Do Our Clients Have to Say?


If you’re still curious as to how effectively 4C Strategies would be able to deal with your WAN procurement, please feel free to read the below client testimonial following some similar work we carried out with Cambridgeshire County Council…


“At an early stage in the process Cambridgeshire County Council identified that the procurement of a new regional public-sector WAN (EastNet) to replace CPSN was going to be a long and complex project. Following a competitive procurement for a Subject Matter Expert we retained 4C Strategies to help EastNet partners identify their requirements, prepare the documentation for the Competitive Dialogue and participate in the evaluation of supplier proposals.


Over the 18-month procurement 4C became a valuable member of our project team by producing high quality documentation, helping us to understand the UK marketplace and playing a full and proactive role in the evaluation.


The 4C procurement ‘tool-set’ fully captured our requirements and allowed the four suppliers to clearly articulate their proposals at all stages of the Competitive Dialogue. The format of the responses requested also facilitated a straightforward evaluation by our multi-partner project team.


If you have a need for an independent ICT consultancy we would have no hesitation in recommending 4C Strategies.”


Sue Grace

Director of Corporate and Customer Services, Cambridgeshire County Council