Smart Campus Technology in Higher Education 

Smart Campus Technology in Higher Education

The world of IT is a constantly changing and ever moveable feast of options, innovations, buzz words, acronyms, abbreviations, technologies, and solutions, all designed to make us more efficient, effective, and secure in delivering services to our users. The truth is, however, that it just makes things that bit more challenging as and when we are contemplating if, when, and how these new solutions and services should be deployed.  


In recent years, the advent of terms such as Smart, Intelligent, or Digital Campus have come to the fore, and particularly for those lucky enough to be engaged in new builds or building refreshes, where it’s possible to incorporate a plethora of potential features and innovations.  


What is Smart Campus Technology? 


At its heart, the Smart / Digital Campus is connected throughout with anything that is network enabled talking back to a central control system of some variety or other, presenting users with the utopian ‘single pane of glass’ to control all aspects of their services. The environment becomes leaner and greener, devolving multiple control solutions for a host of services and systems and not just those which sit directly within the IT domain.  


Facilities departments can control environmental services such as heating and cooling, lighting, security, signage, AV, occupancy, space, timetabling, entry systems and so on. The options are endless. Couple this with the ‘Internet of Things’, and our ability to collect and transfer data across network services from inter-connected and inter-related devices seamlessly and without any intervention, and we are provided with an opportunity to control, analyse, and utilise our data in ways we could never have imagined a few years ago. 


Then we must consider the impact of the pandemic, coupling our ability to provide these feature rich, on-premise environments with our capacity to equally ensure that students, staff, visitors, potential students, peers, partners, and suppliers can engage in such a way as to provide as similar, positive, and fruitful an experience as possible, whether on site or at home.  


The Smart, Intelligent, or Digital campus has become a pervasive environment where the boundaries are no longer restricted to a physical location and have become extensible and unlimited in order to enable the delivery of a feature rich set of solutions and services to enhance the student and staff experience and allow an organisation to fully utilise every aspect of data available in order to become better informed and better prepared. 


Is Your Infrastructure Ready to Support This? 


There is, however, a need to ‘get the basics right’. This means ensuring that you can provide underpinning network services and solutions which can support any plan or aspiration to deliver a fully integrated and extensible suite of services to enable a Digital ‘Cloud’ Campus.


Seeking Advice from the Experts 


4C Strategies is uniquely placed to support you in this pursuit, from ‘getting the basics right’ all the way through to leading you through this complex but worthwhile development. From concept to blueprint, from plan to implementation, from aspiration to strategy, our highly experienced team of consultants is available to explore the possibilities with you. Our extensive engagement with higher education institutions over multiple decades has given us an invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities you continue to face, and we are here to support you every step of the way. 


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