3 Pip Phone

After the recent announcement of the retirement of Skype for Business Online, Microsoft has stated the following,

“After the Skype for Business Online retirement date of 31 July 2021, users with 3PIP devices who have been migrated over to Teams will only be able to continue using their 3PIP devices with a limited set of functionalities until 31 July 2023.”

How does this affect existing Skype for Business Online customers who have 3PIP Phones?

Existing Skype for Business Online customers who move to Teams can continue using their 3PIP phones with some functionality limitations until 31 July 2023. After this date, Microsoft will no longer support 3PIP Phones on Teams, so to ensure business continuity, these phones should be replaced with native Teams certified phones. Check here for the current certified IP Phones available for use on Teams.

Microsoft has stated that customers using native Teams phones will benefit from features such as contacts and calendar management, one-touch join for meetings, companion experience between the Teams phones and PC/MAC clients and voicemail transcriptions on phones. Customers can additionally deploy and manage their native Teams phones using the Device Management portal available through Admin Centre, making it easier for tenant administrators to keep all their Teams devices up to date with the right policies.

Microsoft is also adding a short chat retention period by the end of the year, which will permit storage for as little as one day before deletion. A new “Teams and Skype Consumer Interop” capability will be coming in 1Q 2020 to support phone calls and chats between those services. Contact Centre and Compliance Recording capabilities will similarly be receiving support from Microsoft’s partners at some point.

What are Microsoft’s recommendations moving forward for customers?

Microsoft’s recommendations are as follows:

“Our recommendation for customers moving to Teams is to work with our phone partners who have various programs to support a refresh schedule to native Teams phones or Teams Capable phones. Customers should also consider establishing a phone refresh schedule along with a device persona evaluation which would help define the right Teams device for the right working style.”

IT departments should start to consider their migration plans now and this has been reiterated by Dux Raymond Sy, chief marketing officer at AvePoint, a Microsoft partner that specialises in data migrations.

“While the 2021 deadline sounds far away, the transition can take longer than anticipated, so it is critical for IT teams to get started,” Dux said in a released statement. “Based on our own experience with this transition, I recommend a phased approach: 1. Gain executive buy-in and highlight the value of Microsoft Teams. 2. Incent early adopters to adopt Teams Only mode to experience streamlined communication and collaboration. 3. Encourage Microsoft Teams users to share quick wins and best practices with the rest of the organisation.”

Advice from a Unified Communications Consultant

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