Adopting Microsoft 365


NHS Wales have signed a contract with Microsoft to provide all public sector health workers with Microsoft programmes such as Outlook and Teams as part of a country-wide focus on digital transformation.


Over 100,000 NHS employees, including GPs, consultants, nurses, therapists, paramedics and support staff, can now use Microsoft 365 to find new ways of securely sharing information with colleagues and improve how they deliver healthcare to millions of patients.


The Director of NHS Wales Informatics Service, Andrew Griffiths, has said, “This new national agreement is part of our commitment to refresh NHS Wales IT infrastructure and ensure it supports the transformational changes taking place across health and social care. It moves our digital estate away from locally managed services and into cloud-based services, delivering efficiencies and economies of scale.”.


Microsoft have said that the agreement also included an upgrade to Windows 10 E5, which features advanced threat protection to prevent, detect, investigate and respond to potential risks making the NHS’s IT infrastructure more stable and resilient.


Through the deal, NHS workers will be able to use Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Teams and SharePoint across multiple devices, including phones, tablets and laptops. This opens up the possibility of consultations and meetings being held quickly and easily via video conferencing. The move to 365 is expected to help NHS staff save money and time by not having to travel to face-to-face meetings, freeing them up to focus on the patients who need the most help.



What is the NHS Long Term Plan?


In January 2019, the NHS published their Long Term Plan outlining the need for digital transformation in the NHS. This plan outlines how they will digitally transform within the next 10 years. Here are some key points discussed:

  • Changing to a new service model to give patients more options, better support, and properly joined-up care at the right time in the optimal care setting.
  • Discussing new, funded action that the NHS will take to strengthen its contribution to prevention and health inequalities.
  • Sets the NHS’s priorities for care quality and outcomes improvement for the decade ahead.
  • Addressing how current workforce pressures will be tackled, and staff supported.
  • Reviewing a wide-ranging and funded programme to upgrade technology and digitally enabled care across the NHS.
  • Evaluating how the 3.4% five-year NHS funding settlement will help put the NHS back onto a sustainable financial path.
  • Explains the next steps in implementing the Long Term Plan.



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