NHS Digital Transformation, Microsoft Teams and N365

N365 NHS Digital Transformation

How can NHS Trusts utilise N365 to ensure a successful Microsoft Teams deployment?


Microsoft Teams has had a significant impact on the market since its release. With offerings pertaining to both unified communications and collaboration, many health organisations are now exploring how Teams can fit into their wider IT and collaboration strategy. Digital transformation has been growing significantly in recent years and in January 2019, the NHS published their Long Term Plan and introduced a super group called NHSX to lead digital change. In 2020, Microsoft launched N365, an agreement with NHSX and NHS Digital offering free or discounted access to Microsoft Office 365 across the NHS.


Under the N365 agreement, NHS organisations in England can now access the most up to date Microsoft 365 product suite, including Microsoft Teams. N365 is delivered either on a shared national tenant, or on the NHS Trust’s own tenant. NHS Trusts should look carefully at their wider communications strategy in order to properly assess how Microsoft Teams fits into this. Teams may not meet all requirements, but instead work well when integrated into a wider offering, featuring alternative communication platforms. These options will vary depending on the tenant, whilst the functionality of Teams will differ depending on the agreed license options.


Enlisting the help of an NHS Digital Transformation Expert


If your organisation is considering how Microsoft Teams may (or may not) fit with the provision of your telephony, unified communications and staff and patient collaboration, 4C Strategies can help. From strategy development through to procurement, implementation and project management, our consultants can assist no matter what stage of the process an organisation is at. 4C Strategies is an independent consultancy with extensive experience of Teams. Having worked with a number of UK healthcare providers, 4C is uniquely placed to help to identify which aspects of Teams is right for each circumstance and develop an implementation roadmap which takes full account of existing assets, specific needs and priorities.


The below timeline enables healthcare providers to understand the optimum starting point for engagement, as well as the scope of a successful Microsoft Teams deployment project. It is not prescriptive, however, and 4C has ample experience working with organisations who have already completed this journey.


N365 Digital Transformation in the NHS


To arrange a free, no-obligation strategy consultation with an independent consultant, contact 4C Strategies on 01858 438938 or email nhs@4c.co.uk.


Want to learn more?


4C Director and NHS specialist Paul Ridge has written a white paper on how to ascertain whether or not your organisation’s infrastructure is read for NHS digital transformation. You can read it here.