Microsoft announces partnership with UK university

Future Facing Learning Project

Microsoft has officially announced its partnership with Teesside University following the organisation’s recent introduction of a new Future Facing Learning strategy, implemented with the help of 4C Strategies. Microsoft is describing the launch as “one of the biggest digital shake-ups the higher education industry has ever seen”.


Over the next 12 months, Microsoft will be teaching digital skills to all of the university’s academic staff, such that they are able to better communicate with students. A digital approach to higher education such as this will equip students with the best possible start in careers that will increasingly involve new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.


Teesside’s Future Facing Learning is based primarily around the principle benefits of Microsoft Teams. In support of the pedagogic principles underpinning Future Facing Learning, first year undergraduates will be provided with an iPad, as an essential learning tool, commencing from September 2018. To support the effective use of iPads for pedagogic purposes, the University has identified a device agnostic toolkit of useful applications, with Microsoft Teams at its heart.


A full case study of 4C Strategies’ work with Teesside University is available here.


4C Strategies has extensive experience in developing and executing mobile learning strategies for universities throughout the United Kingdom. Any institutions wishing to know more regarding how mobile learning could improve their student learning experiences are more than welcome to contact 4C Strategies whose team will be happy to offer their expert advice. We can help your organisation develop a clear mobile learning strategy, procure the appropriate technology and services and project manage the change programme that will be required to deliver an enhanced learning experience for students and staff alike. For advice on mobile learning in your institution, please do not hesitate to contact 4C Strategies on 01858 438938, or email, and we will be happy to help you.