Improve patient experiences


Wi-Fi technology is now being installed in many hospital waiting rooms and GP surgeries throughout the UK, which is opening up possibilities for a variety of new tools to be used within NHS organisations. How could these tools be used to improve patient experiences, and what other benefits could they provide?


A key way in which new technology can benefit patient experiences is by using Wi-Fi to enhance waiting room experiences, putting the time spent in hospitals “to good use”. Technology can allow patients to check-in via their phones upon arriving for an appointment, or use a smartphone application to update their personal records/details whilst sat in the waiting room.


New technologies also allow for the automation of previously time-consuming tasks, such as the auto-renewal of a prescription, or automatically sending a patient a text reminding them of their appointment 24 hours in advance, thus reducing the number of missed appointments.


The use of technology in streamlining services can cut costs, reduce wasted time and improve patient experiences. The UK’s burgeoning technology sector has the potential to save the NHS huge amounts of money and time, but it is important to have a proper technology strategy in place in order to fully reap the benefits of such advancements.


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