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What is the Network Services 2 framework?

It is a Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework which provides public sector buyers with access to networks and telecommunications services without the need for going through a full OJEU tender process and for many, will be the default procurement vehicle for these services. The Network Services 2 framework (RM3808) is the new version of the original Network Services (RM1045) framework which expired in July 2019.

Network Services 2 – Benefits

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) also provides an approved supplier database, procurement process and ongoing support to the public sector which helps deliver improved services. One of the great benefits of the framework is the flexibility offered to public sector companies when choosing a provider. There are two ways to buy from the framework:

  1. Direct Award from catalogue
  2. Further Competition

Alongside the flexibility that is offered through this CCS framework, other benefits include;

  • Flexible contract lengths, up to 10 years for some services.
  • Solutions to support an organisation’s technology upgrade programme.
  • Possible savings in costs and more efficient technology.
  • Option to work with a supplier directly without a full tender process as all suppliers are already approved.
  • A choice of specialist suppliers for a particular need or suppliers who can provide multiple services across lots.
  • Security in knowing that CCS uses agreed Public Sector Contract (PSC) terms and conditions.

As Network Services 2 is still a fairly new framework, help may be required in designing a procurement process and documentation which is compliant with the framework and contract schedules. This is where 4C Strategies can help. Our consultants can guide you through the process to design a compliant specification which will help to identify differentiators between the suppliers and technologies on offer. This will result in procuring a solution which is right for you.

Network Services 2 framework – Lots

There are 13 lots included in RM3808 and 89 suppliers within these lots to choose from. The lots are;

  • Data access services
  • Local connectivity services
  • Traditional telephony services
  • Inbound telephony services
  • IP telephony services
  • Mobile voice and data services
  • Paging and alerting services
  • Video conferencing services
  • Audio conferencing services
  • Unified communications
  • Radio services
  • Security and surveillance services
  • Contact centre services

Further details on the lots and a full list of suppliers can be found on the CCS website by following the link below.

Further Help

 Our experienced team in 4C Strategies can support you in a consultancy or full project management remit when choosing to work with a supplier from the framework. We cover all aspects of IT technology and infrastructure for the public sector and have demonstrable experience in helping public sector clients benefit from procuring new technologies to meet business requirements.

Some of our clients already utilising the framework are Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Westminster City Council, Coleg Gwent and the Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

For further information, please call 01858 438938, e mail or visit our website