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Contact Centres in the Cloud: The Future of CCaaS?

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In today’s “customer is king” market place, customer experience has become the most important differentiator for many an organisation. This, in turn, has presented a number of challenges to these organisations’ contact centres. Call centre agents are now expected to deal with more diverse communication channels than ever before, whilst simultaneously expected to continue offering a consistent level of experience to customers on each and every channel of communication. As a result, 2018 is shaping up to be a tipping point for the modern contact centre, presenting the need to function beyond traditional customer communications and consider a new level of versatility, flexibility and scalability, which perhaps only the cloud can provide.


88% of professionals predict that digital communication will overtake voice by 2020. This would suggest a strong argument for a cloud strategy as the most effective means for embracing this new, multi-channel approach to customer satisfaction.


What role does the cloud-based contact centre have to play in the age of customer experiences?


Customer experience, sometimes referred to as CX, has only recently become such an integral KPI in the modern business strategy, but to the contact centre, it is nothing new. Since its conception, the call centre has been centred around the need to anticipate customer needs and ensure user-end satisfaction.


As brand communications continue to evolve towards a more holistic solution, it becomes increasingly probable that the cloud will act as the core mechanism for delivering a new, omnichannel interaction strategy, equipped to anticipate and deal with fluctuating customer preferences.


Whilst legacy contact centres struggle to handle changing user demands, contact centres in the cloud are able to exploit new technologies in an instant, such as mobile chat, social analytics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.


CCaaS: The First Step in the Journey to the Cloud?


CCaaS is a fundamentally cloud-based solution that organisations can use as a starting point when exploring the benefits of the cloud environment. Organisations are utilising CCaaS in the pursuit of improved customer experiences, all the while minimising outgoing investment.


What are the benefits of CCaaS?


  • Scalability and flexibility. Legacy contact centres are only equipped to facilitate the “approximate” volume of customer interactions expected for the business. CCaaS, on the other hand, allows for increased versatility and scalability, seamlessly increasing or decreasing functionality to allow for budgetary requirements and any unexpected surges in the volume.
  • Cost savings. With CCaaS, an organisation is able to transfer the contact centre’s financial load from the traditional CapEX model to the preferred OpEX model. Put simply, CCaaS offers a “pay-as-you-go” approach to the contact centre.
  • Streamlined IT. SaaS solutions can ensure that network bandwidth and communication services are able to meet evolving business needs in line with these periods of rapid change. Contact centres in the cloud therefore save time and allow organisations to focus their IT energies on innovation: leading industry change, rather than desperately trying to keep up with it.


Is the Future of the Contact Centre in the Cloud?


Modern organisations are finally discovering the benefits of both the cloud and “as a service” technologies in the pursuit of more flexible models that are able to facilitate a higher quality of service and enhanced responsiveness.


By utilising a CCaaS solution, organisations can ensure a more robust, cost-effective, flexible solution for multi-channel connectivity. According to a number of UC vendors, including Cisco, Avaya and 8×8, the cloud environment may well be the only way in which the contact centres of the future will be able to strike the balance between the convenience that the end user is looking for and the flexibility that the business is.


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