CS1000 Reaches End of Manufacturer Support


Communication Server 1000 (CS1000) a server-based, fully-featured Avaya IP PBX solution. On 9th April 2018, Avaya ended the sale of new CS1000E systems, along with CS1000 Release 7.6. Release 7.6 was the final CS1000 software release.


As of 9th April 2019, Avaya will no longer support CS1000 Release 7.6.


What is Avaya’s Offering to Replace the CS1000?


Avaya has two main offerings that it suggests for replacing the CS1000. The first is Avaya Aura, a hugely scalable solution that provides very high levels of resilience and reliability. Avaya Aura also uses the same contact centre software as the CS1000, Avaya Aura Contact Centre (AACC).


The seconding offering is Avaya IP Office. Avaya IP Office isn’t as scalable as Avaya Aura, scaling to a maximum of around 3,000 users. It provides good resilience, although again not quite as impressive as Avaya Aura, and also uses the same contact centre software as the CS1000, although this time it goes by the name of Avaya Contact Centre Select on IP Office (ACCS).


Avaya did something here to make things interesting: it put forward commercial offerings that do not just replace their on-premise PBX solution, but also have the ability to provide cloud-based delivery. This made Avaya the first major vendor to offer significant incentive to customers to make the move from an on-premise to a cloud-based consumption model.


What Does This Mean for Existing CS1000 Customers?


If you do decide to go with Aura or IP Office, it’s worth considering delivering the replacement solution from the cloud. This way, you won’t have to spend as much on replacing your existing system, there’ll be no need to buy new handsets for everyone and you can continue to use the same contact centre software that you’ve always been using.


If you are an existing CS1000 customer, you may feel frustrated with the way in which Avaya is forcing you to replace the PBX solution that your organisation relies on, but there are plenty of options out there and some of the newer systems and technologies could prove to have a significant effect on your overall productivity and efficiency in the long run.


The Benefit of Seeking Advice from an Independent Consultant


If you’re a CS1000 customer, you may well be receiving a number of unsolicited sales calls from companies who are trying to sell you your replacement system. Unfortunately, these companies will only be able to promote the system that they are able to sell you and will not provide you with a full and comprehensive overview of your options.


4C Strategies is a firm of independent telephony and unified communications consultants. Next time you find yourself on the phone to an Avaya reseller trying to convince you that IP Office is the only way forward for your organisation, because it’s the only solution that particular company is able to sell you, give 4C Strategies a call.


4C Strategies – Independent Telephony and Unified Communications Consultants


If you are a CS1000 customer and are unsure of how best to move forward, contact 4C Strategies today on 01858 438938, or email webenquiries@4c.co.uk, and one of our independent consultants will be more than happy to talk you through your options.