A New Year for Our Unified Communications: Time to Take Stock?

New Year for Unified Communications: Time to Take Stock?

Unified Communications in 2020

2020 was a pivotal year for unified communications. As a nation of workers found itself turning dining tables into desks and bedrooms into offices, organisations were forced to invest heavily in their unified communications, collaboration and remote working in order to maintain productivity in an ever-changing environment. As the dust settles, now is the time to stop and take stock. Are these newly implemented measures working? Are they cost effective and are they best practice? Perhaps most importantly, whilst most organisations’ handling of the pandemic was purely reactive, how equipped is your unified communications infrastructure to deal with the next crisis that comes along?

Prior to the 2020 surge in home-working, 4C Strategies spent over 20 years advocating, and demonstrating, the potential of unified communications. Unified communications does not merely represent the ability to link a fax machine to a phone, but rather a holistic and all-encompassing approach to every aspect of an organisation’s means of communication and collaboration.

Moving Forward with Unified Communications

A fully stacked UC strategy allows organisation leaders to control every component of their communications practices in one place and could be essential to the future of work, whether on-site or at home. After all, who has the patience, time, money or even ability to manage multiple disparate systems in an environment increasingly defined by remote working, distributed teams, and omnichannel conversations?

As our old definition of “the workplace” continues to shift and evolve following the 2020 pandemic, we as a population are accelerating towards a new era of virtual communications. It is no longer merely budget that organisations need to consider, but the experiences that they can deliver to both their employees and their customers, as well as the productivity that can be achieved as a result of this.

Could Your Organisation Survive the Next Global Crisis?

The 2020 pandemic taught us that organisations must be agile, flexible and scalable in order to survive. It also taught us that organisations simply must involve the digital world, and that of effective unified communications, if they are to see out a further global crisis. The only way to stay afloat in such situations, it seems, is with an environment in the cloud. For those organisations which are unable to evolve entirely into the digital landscape, a hybrid solution would likely be the next best thing as it would, at the very least, allow for a level of consistency in the digital space.

2020 saw many organisations invest heavily in their unified communications, but this one-off effort is simply not enough. A strong and well-thought-out unified communications strategy must be in place if an organisation will remain strong in the event that history was to repeat itself.

When keeping your organisation connected in a world accelerating towards this new era of virtual and remote working, a solid and multi-level unified communications strategy will keep any organisation agile. If you want a better way to communicate, and an organisation that is consistently, reliably and flexibly connected, then a thoroughly constructed, and well implemented and managed unified communications strategy is key.

Even should a further crisis not take place, in a space where employees and workplaces are already further distributed than ever before, this new siloed approach to work poses a number of significant threats to data and security. To this end, a single and coherent unified communications strategy is the only way forward in this increasingly turbulent landscape.

Taking Stock in 2021

The arrival of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to take stock, to review your organisation’s unified communications in the previous year and to evaluate. Are these newly implemented measures working? Are they cost effective and are they best practice? In the event of another unforeseen global shift, would these measures continue to do their job? It is then based on these evaluations that your organisation can create a new strategy for the future.

Enlisting the Help of an Expert Unified Communications Consultant

4C Strategies has been assisting organisations with their unified communications strategy for over 20 years, handling everything from needs evaluation through to strategy creation, implementation and ongoing management.

To speak to one of our experts about your organisational needs, contact 4C Strategies today on 01858 438938, or email webenquiries@4c.co.uk.