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As April draws to a close and we enter May, here’s a round-up of everything that’s going on at 4C Strategies, as well as in the wider unified communications industry.


4C Director Dave Mailer Featured on No Jitter


4C Director Dave Mailer has written another article for online industry publication No Jitter, providing insight for the connected enterprise. Dave’s article discusses the increasing popularity of Smart Meetings, as well as the ways in which advancements in communication and collaboration technology have been changing how modern meetings are carried out. Is it time to rethink how we meet?


You can read Dave’s full article for No Jitter here.


Mitel Makes a Bid to Acquire Avaya


It was revealed last week that Mitel has made a bid to acquire Avaya. The latest reports on Mitel’s potential acquisition of Avaya have suggested that the company is willing to pay up to $22 per share – valuing Avaya at more than $2 billion. Mitel has always pursued a strategy of acquisitions in an effort to extend and enhance its portfolio. It courted Polycom before losing out to a private equity firm and also purchased Shortel, in one of the industry’s larger deals, back in 2017.


Any potential acquisition or merger would, of course, be subject to the usual checks, in particular any anticompetition legislation which the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) might wish to explore. With that said, however, the current market share controlled by both Mitel and Avaya respectively, although substantial, wouldn’t appear to be significant enough to jeopardise any potential deal if Mitel’s bid were to be accepted and the two entities were to combine.


4C Strategies Project News


As always, 4C Strategies is currently undertaking a number of exciting projects. This includes working with the Royal College of Art on the development of a new Intelligent Building Strategy for its new Research Tower; working with Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust on the production of a paging and messaging strategy; and assisting University Hospital Southampton with a telephony and SIP trunking implementation project.


4C’s Work with Ulster University


Ulster University is relatively unusual for a UK university, with four well-sized campuses distributed around Northern Ireland. Because of this, effective communication is essential in order for the University to operate as a single cohesive entity across all four campuses. The University was faced with a need to renew its telephony platform due to a major estates project that required the demolition of the building that housed the main PABX at its largest site. The University recognised this as an opportunity for the complete transformation of its communications.


To find out more, read our latest case study here.


An Expanding Team


4C Strategies has recently expanded its team of expert unified communications consultants and is pleased to welcome Les Whitten and Abu Abid to the company.


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