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benefits of cloud based contact centre

The Future of Contact Centres: Benefits and Considerations When Going Cloud-Based

Introduction Contact centres have historically been deployed by organisations as an on-premise service; typically, in one central location with a high density of agents. For many years, the contact centre…

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Network Consultant

MPLS or SD-WAN – What’s the right technology for your next Wide Area Network?

The History of MPLS and the Emergence of SD-WAN   For many years, public sector WANs (Wide Area Networks) have been based on MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technologies. While MPLS…

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UCaaS: The Importance of Design

UCaaS Design: Why it’s Important & How to Get it Right

Even though your cloud UCaaS service may be a standardised managed service, you can’t ignore design. Below is 4C Principal Consultant Dave Mailer’s article on why design is important and…

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Accessibility in Higher Education

The Importance of Accessibility in Higher Education

Assisted technology and accessibility is a huge topic and one where many research studies have been carried out both with different technology and varied impairment levels.   What is Accessible…

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Telecoms Consultant

What’s New in Microsoft’s First Telecoms Teams Update of 2021?

Microsoft recently released the first telecoms update to Teams so far this year, with new features designed to help organisations get more from their Teams-certified phones. The update in question…

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University Clearing Unified Communications Infrastructure

Unified Communications in Higher Education: Are You Ready for Clearing?

Is Your Organisation Prepared for Clearing? As the market for higher education becomes increasingly competitive year on year, the clearing process has become more important than ever. On and in…

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Choosing a Collaboration Platform

Choosing a Collaboration Platform: How Hard Can It Be?

(Article by 4C Principal Consultant Dave Mailer for Workspace Connect.) Given the many, many options available, this might be tougher than you think. Here’s how to tackle the decision for…

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Wide Area Network Local Government

Technology in Local Government: Is Your Wide Area Network Working Hard Enough?

Is your current WAN arrangement cost effective? Is your incumbent network approaching end of contract and you want to ensure a better deal next time round? Your current service may…

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N365 NHS Digital Transformation

NHS Digital Transformation, Microsoft Teams and N365

How can NHS Trusts utilise N365 to ensure a successful Microsoft Teams deployment?   Microsoft Teams has had a significant impact on the market since its release. With offerings pertaining…

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UCaaS Testing

UCaaS Testing: Why it’s Important & How to Get it Right

No matter what a provider might tell you, pre- and post-deployment testing remains critical. Here’s some guidance.   4C Director Dave Mailer regularly writes for No Jitter. Here is his…

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