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business continuity planning after covid

Post-Covid Business Continuity Planning

Every institution will have their own experiences of responding to lockdown and Covid-19 – from trying to source every available laptop for staff to work remotely, to providing software packages…

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University Clearing Unified Communications Infrastructure

Our Top Tips for Improving Your Clearing Process Next Year

2021 A Level Results Day has been and gone and, as always, this day marked the beginning of the busiest period on a higher education institution’s calendar – clearing. According…

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UCaaS Consumption Based Pricing

UCaaS Pricing: Are Consumption-based Models a Con?

Below is 4C Principal Consultant Dave Mailer’s most recent article for No Jitter.   If you are not careful, consumption-based models can end up costing more than traditional capex-based options!…

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Smart Campus Technology in Higher Education

Smart Campus Technology in Higher Education 

The world of IT is a constantly changing and ever moveable feast of options, innovations, buzz words, acronyms, abbreviations, technologies, and solutions, all designed to make us more efficient, effective,…

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Microsoft Teams in Higher Education: How to Track Student Wellbeing and Prevent University Dropouts

Student Wellbeing and Covid-19   Student wellbeing is a hot topic within the higher education sphere of late, mainly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on…

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NHS Telecoms Consultant

The Future of Telecoms and Unified Communications in the NHS

The way in which people work, both within the healthcare sector and elsewhere, has undoubtedly changed irreversibly over the past 18 months. As we emerge into what is often being…

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Higher Education IT Consultant

From Internal IT to External Consultancy: A Unique Perspective

A few months ago, 4C Strategies welcomed Lee Rose to its team of expert IT and UC consultants. Lee joins us as a Director and Principal Consultant, with years of…

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benefits of cloud based contact centre

The Future of Contact Centres: Benefits and Considerations When Going Cloud-Based

Introduction Contact centres have historically been deployed by organisations as an on-premise service; typically, in one central location with a high density of agents. For many years, the contact centre…

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Network Consultant

MPLS or SD-WAN – What’s the right technology for your next Wide Area Network?

The History of MPLS and the Emergence of SD-WAN   For many years, public sector WANs (Wide Area Networks) have been based on MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technologies. While MPLS…

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UCaaS: The Importance of Design

UCaaS Design: Why it’s Important & How to Get it Right

Even though your cloud UCaaS service may be a standardised managed service, you can’t ignore design. Below is 4C Principal Consultant Dave Mailer’s article on why design is important and…

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