4C Case Study: Mobile Learning in Higher Education

There have been a number of new developments in the Communications and Collaboration industry over recent years which have proven to greatly benefit Higher Education. These developments include a new, education-focussed iPad, the rollout of a host of new features in Microsoft Teams, within the Office 365 for Education platform, and many more.

Microsoft Teams in Higher Education

2017 saw the introduction of a new set of Microsoft Teams features within the Office 365 for Education platform. This included the rollout of OneNote Class Notebook, allowing lecturers and other teaching staff to create and share assignments, attaching pages from OneNote which they can then distribute to students and subsequently grade upon return.

Microsoft Teams can be used to enhance collaboration between students and staff in Higher Education, with increased opportunities for the sharing of work, assigning of tasks and remote learning. This becomes particularly eminent when combined with the use of mobile devices.

Future Facing Learning at Teesside University

Teesside University, with assistance from 4C Strategies, has recently embarked on a Future Facing Learning project, based around the principle benefits of Microsoft Teams, that is set to transform learning and teaching across the University.

In support of the pedagogic principles underpinning Future Facing Learning, eligible undergraduate students will be provided with an iPad, as an essential learning tool, commencing from September 2018. Any staff that teach first year modules were provided with iPads in early 2018, and engaged in an innovative University development programme to integrate the use of iPads into learning and teaching. The deployment will be scaled to incorporate all teaching staff over the following academic year. To support the effective use of iPads for pedagogic purposes, the University has identified a device agnostic toolkit of useful applications, with Microsoft Teams at its heart.

The Benefits of Mobile-Learning in Higher Education

Many other UK universities are beginning to recognise the benefits of unified communications, collaboration and mobile-learning in an educational environment.

Mobile-learning within universities has been shown to lead to enhanced communication and collaboration, with students working more efficiently both with their mentors and with each other. Additionally, as a product of a generation that has grown up surrounded by technology, the modern student has been shown to be much more responsive to an interactive learning experience, thus increasing overall productivity and willingness to learn. Mobile-learning also makes the learning experience more flexible, allowing students to work from whatever location they choose, whether that be the library, their bedroom, or the local coffee shop.

Seeking Advice from a Mobile-Learning Consultant

4C Strategies has a wealth of experience in mobile-learning and has extensive knowledge in the benefits of a mobile-learning deployment within a higher education context and how best to reap these benefits.

To find out how mobile-learning could enhance the learning experience within your organisation, please feel free to contact 4C Strategies on 01858 438938 and we will be happy to advise you or to arrange a formal consultation. Alternatively, you can email growbotham@4c.co.uk or visit our website.


4C Case Study: Mobile Learning in Higher Education

Teesside University, with assistance from 4C Strategies, has recently embarked on a Future Facing Learning project, based around the principle benefits of Microsoft Teams, that is set to transform learning and teaching across the University.

Ulster University
Donna O'Kane

“Dave very quickly gained a solid understanding of our requirements, some of which are unique due to history and geography in Northern Ireland. He brought an unsurpassed level of market and technical knowledge relating to unified communications and demonstrated a unique ability to balance any business or technical challenges that arose as the project progressed. Dave worked as a genuine member of our team forming strong working relationships with, and most importantly gaining the trust of, all of our stakeholders, ranging from telecommunications staff, through senior academics, to our board directors.”

Cambridgeshire County Council
Sue Grace, Director Corporate and Customer Services

"4C became a valuable member of our project team by producing high quality documentation, helping us to understand the UK marketplace and playing a full and proactive role in the evaluation. The 4C procurement ‘tool-set’ fully captured our requirements and allowed the suppliers to clearly articulate their proposals at all stages of the Competitive Dialogue. If you have a need for an independent ICT consultancy we would have no hesitation in recommending 4C Strategies."

University of Oxford
Stuart Lee, Deputy Chief Information Officer
Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust
Steve Mattern, Associate Director of IM&T

“The project to replace the telephone systems in our three hospitals was always going to be a major challenge for the Trust. We retained 4C to help us to develop our strategy, go out to procurement and transition to the new solution in one coordinated step at all three sites.

West London Mental Health Trust
Trevor Nelms, Director of Business Technology

"4C Strategies has assisted in a range of complex ICT projects, from inception through to deployment, and demonstrate a rare ability to bring together technical expertise with business acumen and tight project management skills"

University of Edinburgh
Tony Weir, Director of IT Infrastructure

"We chose 4C as a strategic partner to help the University manage a large-scale project to modernise the University’s telephony service.  This project involved full upgrade to the University’s VoIP infrastructure and migrating over 5,000 analogue extensions to the new system.  4C where chosen for their expert skills in telephony, the quality of their strategic advice and their ability to manage a business-critical project, all of which have proved invaluable in assisting the University to deliver a successful project."

University of Westminster
Thierry Delaitre, Head of FST Technical Services Department

"4C has played a key role in defining and delivering this important Mobile Learning project for the Faculty of Science and Technology. Their technical skills, relationship with the wider University, sector knowledge and project & change management skills have significantly contributed to the success of this project and its transition to Business As Usual"